To my surprise there are many visitors from overseas on this blog, I'm reworking this website and some informations here need to be updated or are lacking. Not all pictures are related to the text, not all texts relate to their titles and there's probably some mistakes in my english. Merci de votre compréhension.

Music is my business, music is my passion, then a constellation of connected knowledges had grown in me since I played a guitar for the very first time and an expertise has developed since I bought my first microphone. I'm now a recordist and multi-instrumentalist, I have a strong interest for vintage electronics and for drums (from recording to tuning to renovating and obviously playing it). I used to run a little home studio as a hobby for 10 years and finally quitted my day job as an engineer (the one behind a milling machine, nothing related to reel to reel or something) to became a full-time recording engineer.

No more home studio, I joined a lovely place called Studio Ripley where I share my equipment and skills so there is now a lot of old half-working machines in this recording studio, I like to repair them between sessions.